Mustangs Illustrated: Interview With Automotive Artist Danny Whitfield

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Mustangs Illustrated: Interview With Automotive Artist Danny Whitfield
ITEM 6-E-3 1969 MUSTANG MACH-1(Raven black )ITEM M-65-1 1965 MUSTANG  GT 2+2  BRIGHT RED

Art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These and other clichés are excuses people use to justify their version of what should be considered great imagery. But stunning art is like a beautiful woman, you’ll know it when you see it. You don’t need someone standing over your shoulder in a gallery trying to convince you that the artist’s use of circles and phlegm is the next great thing. Great art doesn’t need to be explained or justified. It needs to be seen. It needs to be taken in and appreciated. And then the artist needs his rightful credit.

Danny Whitfield has been creating stunning masterpieces of Mustangs and Corvettes and just about every other beautiful form on wheels that you can think of for well over 40 years now. Danny was kind enough to do an interview with Mustang Evolution and share with our readers just who Danny Whitfield is and what he offers to the automotive community. So please take a minute and get to know a legend in the automotive art field.

Mustang Evolution: So where is Danny Whitfield “the business” located?

Danny: The name of my business is The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield and I am located in the greater Los Angeles area

Mustang Evolution: What is the easiest way for people to contact you and see your work?

Danny: The easiest is my website,

Mustang Evolution: How long have you been illustrating cars, Mustangs in particular?

Danny: Since 1968

Mustang Evolution: Do you specialize in any specific range of years for Mustangs?

Danny: No, I illustrate Mustangs from the very beginning. From the first 1962 Concept to 2011 and beyond

Mustang Evolution: Do you work exclusively on paper? Do you use any digital media for your work?

Danny: My media consists of crescent 5112 illustration boards, watercolor paint, Painters Classic Digital Media, and Metal.

Mustang Evolution: What sets your artwork apart from other artists?

Danny: The fact that a customer can get his car print tailor made! You don’t have to settle for the usual, “what you see is what you get” print. With my art, a customer gets his car to look like what he wants! It’s the same feeling you get when buying a car at a dealership; you don’t have to take what’s in stock. You order the car with the options you like. It works the same way with a genuine Danny Whitfield print! You don’t have to settle for what’s on the canvas. You can even get the color of your car matched. Every option the car came with for its respective year can be painted right in. You could add wheels, tires, hood scoops and many other parts to be exactly like your car.

Mustang Evolution: What methods do you use to create your illustrations?

Danny: Winsor Newton Designers’ Gouache watercolor paint, Painters-Classic digital software to handle the customizing of the original art.

Mustang Evolution: What kind of turnaround time can you usually produce something in?

Danny: Usually 2 weeks

Mustang Evolution: Who inspires you and your art?

Danny: Jesus Christ, My Dad – Dan Whitfield the 2nd, General Motors designer Bill Mitchell, American Motors designer Richard A. “Dick” Teague, Ford designer John Oros, Chrysler designer Virgil Exner, Automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, Automotive designer Raymond Loewy, Automotive designer Pininfarina, the great automotive artist Sid Mead.

Mustang Evolution:: How big would you like your name to be in the art community?

Danny: As large as life – not in an egotistical way – just where people could be educated and enjoy automotive art on a grand scale. I would like my art to be recognized in the “fine arts” category instead of being labeled commercial art.

Mustang Evolution: What wins / trophies / accolades / celebrity clients / high profile users / magazine articles has your artwork garnered?

Danny: Clients have included;

Comedian Bill Cosby, Talk Show Host Jay Leno, Automotive leaders like former Ford Motor Co. Chairman Alex Trotman,General Motors “Jack Smith”
General Motors Leader Bob Lutz,

Various articles, honorable mentions and life stories in;
Hemmings Motor News – Hemmings Muscle machines
Detroit News /Detroit free press
Motor Trend
Classic Car magazine and more.

Art recognitions and autograph sessions with;
“Legends of Nascar” Linda Vaughan and the late Dale Earnhard.
Best in show award in Saint Ignace car show in Saint Ignace Michigan
First place award in “Corvettes in Windsor” car show in Windsor Ontario.

Mustang Evolution: What future projects do you have planned or ongoing that you can share with us?

Danny: In the future my plans are to house the biggest gallery / museum of automotive art in the United States. It would include my art and all the other great automotive artist currently working to date.

ME: Can you share with us your contact information once again?

Danny Whitfield (Automotive Artist and Designer)
The Official Car Art – Automotive Art of Danny L Whitfield
Danny Whitfield art on AMAZON
Phone: 520-297-9104
Email to:

Thank you so very much Danny for taking the time to share your story and your art with Mustang Evolution.

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