2015 Mustang Styling

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As I see all the excitement over the all new 2015 Mustang, I’m just as excited as everyone.
YES I DO LIKE IT! I really do, however I would like to give my brief summary of the styling points which are the most crucial to the car’s survival. First I see where the artist and stylist were headed with overall look. The hood was not slope in the aerodynamic manner of cars today. It would be hard to keep the super muscle car look when you drop the nose to a point like what you see today. Chevy kinda blew the styling on the 1993 Camaro with that line of thinking and returned to a more grille face look later in the years. This is why trucks still keep that massive upright Mack/Peterbilt look. It’s the sign of masculine muscle and power.

The stylist also gave it the corporate “mad dog” grille face you see on the Ford Fusion. This is Ford’s new identity that reminds us its a FORD. Somewhat indifferent about it I would prefer to see it shape differently but its not bad. I also see they went to that all too familiar “cat eyes” look you see everywhere. Not everyone would agree with me but I personally would like to see hidden headlamps make a return, there’s just too much of a “mad cat look” on just about every car on the road. My only other disappointment is with the strange shape of the roof. Just a little too much of a round bubble from the A-pillars then it drops off to meet the deck lid too early. I like a more fastback look where it starts from the A-pillars and meet the decklid about six inches from the tail. The side sculpture in my opinion is as good as it gets considering the “me too” look of sporty cars of the day.

Overall its still a Mustang and thank God Ford is still building it! They have a tremendous following all over the world and they’ll sell as many as they can produce. Some of you I know for a fact HATE IT! My advice is to just give it time, It’ll grow on ya. Soon you all say to yourself I gotta have one, maybe in “gotta have it green” since that color is so popular now. Yes for sure I will start producing prints of the 2015 hopefully before January. I will also do my usual “special editions” so you can see it in various souped up versions and slick body kits. So lets hear it for Ford! The original pony car that took a beating but kept right on ticking. THE LEGEND LIVES!!!



By Danny Whitfield

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