About the Artist

The art world is a crazy place, and there seems to be no limit as to what the next renaissance masterpiece will fetch…. The same collector mayhem happens in the muscle car world, with top examples of our favorite cars going for millions of dollars. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, “Auto Capital of the World, Danny Whitfield brought his vision of art and cars to the fore front and has been the key artist in making automotive art a respected form in the industry. He has a magical ability to bring out the beauty of an automobile and expression vividly onto canvas. Danny draws, paint and does many forms of art from scenic, architectural, to portrait images. However his affinity for automobiles is his first love. After attending Center of Creative College in Detroit and Macomb County College in Warren Michigan, He began his career working for the Ford Motor Company, General Motors and many other design firms. He gained much experience and enjoyed his time greatly working in the industry yet something inside was driving him in a different direction. He enjoyed creating his own fine art pieces however in 1989 through 1996 local galleries and elite automotive fine art societies didn’t seem to accept cars as art nor were happy to see Whitfield achieve success. Enthusiasts wanted to see his work but were denied that privilege based on the “Good old boy” networks that existed at the time. It was a selective process in which an artist had to have a majority vote in order to join any elite fine art groups. Even as this was always a deterrent it had little effect on him as he was determined to share his automobile art with the world no matter what odds where.

With every obstacle placed before him he overcame them all and continued his journey. As time moved on Whitfield established his business officially in 1994 and with the age of technology has now been able to move from local art galleries to a global audience. Giving recogintion to one Man who was part reasonable for igniting his success was Joseph Chester Roebuck. An avid Corvette collector he was one of many special people who believe in his work and getting it to the forefront.  No longer held back by the restrictions of art galleries, and fine art groups he moved on to create The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield. With the help of global networks and a wide spread audience his art become a cult phenomenon in the auto world. He offers something to the auto enthusiast that makes a deep inner connection to the soul.  When you look at a customer’s automobile who spent many hours on modifying and customizing it they have created a very special masterpiece. Whitfield takes that masterpiece and captures it in still life. Every auto collector is highly satisfied with the outcome. The prints are price at a reasonable cost. His awesome collection is offered in many sizes starting at 16 x 20 ($75)  and 20 x 24 ($95). Larger sizes are also available. With a wide selection of car prints to choose from, you’ll be highly satisfied with a genuine Whitfield print! His automotive knowledge covers 37 years worth of engineering, technical, styling, and design experience. Best of all you do not have to be a millionaire to own his artwork, he’s known for catering to every car enthusiast regardless of budget.