Personalize your print

Yes you can! This is the place where you can custom order a print to your exact specifications.
It’s the same feeling you get when buying a car at a dealership! Every option the car came with in it’s perspective year can be added right in.

Wheels, tires, hood scoop’s, stripes,vinyl tops, body colors, and many other parts to look exactly like the your car.
Call 520-297-9104 or go directly to the factory option page on the website.

Here’s what you can get!
Stock – custom – or aftermarket wheels – Interior color change – Stripe color change or add on – Raised white letters or red walls – Hardtop to Convertible – Hardtop to Vinyl top – Personal Licence plate – Customized grille – Body color change – Body lowered and much more!

All you do is pick out a print from the website that comes close to your car, add your options and pay the flat fee below.
16 x 20 size fee- $150.00
20 x 24 size fee- $255.00
20 x 30 size fee- $280.00
24 x 36 size fee- $355.00
30 x 40 size fee- $495.00
Add $10.00 for shipping.

Also you can get a car print created from a vintage photograph! Recreation of your favorite car and beloved memories. Want to rekindle the childhood memories of your first car? All it takes is a clear photo and within 2 to 3 weeks, A STAR IS BORN! Candid shots of your youth, your high school or college, the house you grew up in, you and your honey, and most of all your FAVORITE CAR. You can get all these features included in your print and hold on to your most cherished memories forever. Click here for details!

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