Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I heard that when I receive my Danny Whitfield print, I get smaller prints free. Is that true?
A. Yes it is! That’s Danny’s “Loyal Customer” year round deal. Buy one 16×20 print and you get one 8×10 one 5×7 and 4 wallet prints free. Buy one
20×24 print and you get one 8×10 two 5×7 and 2 wallet prints free. How’s that for best and most complete Automotive Art available on the web!

Q. What type of paper, cardstock or print media is the art printed on?
A. Danny Whitfield art is printed on heavy premium Luster card stock. Its 100 acid free with vivid rich colors for a lifetime of enjoyment. Guaranteed not
to fade for 25 years and that’s only if its in direct sunlight. His artwork commands the highest quality in print media.

Q. How are the prints shipped?
A. Prints are shipped in a double-sleeved 10 mil, square tube. The outer square tube is hard constructed cardboard and the inner is a round 10 mil
tube. Shipping source Fed Ex or UPS.

Q Where are they shipped from?
A.Danny Whitfield art is printed and shipped from our parent print company. (Michigan Photo Company). Located in Saginaw Michigan.

Q. How long will it be before I receive my print?
A. On the day you make your purchase, it usually take 2 days to leave our destination unless its a back order. You should receive it with 3 to 5 business
days of purchase. In some cases your print make take up 7 days for arrival. If you have questions or concern just give us a call 520-297-9104 anytime.

Q, I heard a customer can get a print personalized. How does this work?
A. A customer can get any print personalized to make it look like his or her car. It’s the same feeling you get when buying a car at a dealership only you
get the print with options your car has.
You don’t have to settle for what you see in the library. You want to see YOUR car staring. You can even get the color of your car match to a Danny
Whitfield print. Every option the car came with in it’s perspective year can be added in. Wheels, tires, hood scoop’s, stripes,vinyl tops, body colors, and
more. The charge for customization on any art print is $75.00 plus the cost of the print. Example a 16 x 20 cost is $75.00. Add the personalization
charge of $75.00 – Your total is $150.00. Click here or call to 520-297-9104 to order.

Q, Are there other sizes available?
A, Yes at the moment we have the common size of 16×20, 20×24, 20×30, 24×26. but we also print lager sizes upon request.

Q, Can I get a different background for my print?
A, Nothing could be easier! You just choose any background you see on the website or supply your own. It’s as good as done!
Background change is $25.00

Q, Do you offer a framing service?
A, No we dont. We’re sorry but based on past history of shipment damage we stop offering framing.

Note: All Images, Prints, Automotive art, Text, Graphics, Content, the selection and arrangement thereof, Copyright © 1992 Autovision -The Automotive
Art of Danny Whitfield. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any use of materials on this web site—including reproduction, modification, distribution, or
republication—without the prior written permission of The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield is strictly prohibited.


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