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Black Friday Special – 2012 – 2015 Mustang Boss 302 and GT premium Art print by Danny Whitfield

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Purchases Mustang art prints at Dannywhitfield.com

1969 2012 Mustang Boss 302

I hope you Mustang guy’s and gals are proud of me.

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I had an opportunity to do a skype interview for the TV program Lets ask America! I was interviewed by host Tiffanie Nguyen about my Mustang art and the all new 2015 Mustang Automobile. The interview was at Raceway Ford in Riverside California with my friend and fellow car guy Mike Correa – aka “Mike the car guy!” We had a blast. Remember how I mention you can get a free Mustang art print with your purchase of an actual mustang automobile? Well that’s what got the party started! We wanted all the Mustang fans on Facebook to know your a part of this too! How? by the past sales of my customers and the excitement of the Ford Mustang past present and future. The actual show will air at a later date and I will show here on Facebook via You Tube. Also just to let you know I will have the 2015 Mustang art available in about a month and will make special edition prints commemorating the first 100 cars. Those that want their Vehicle Identification Number on the prints just let me know.

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