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Buy it at The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield  All color exterior colors available

ITEM 16-MSGT-1 2015 – 2016 FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT350 -DEEP IMPACT BLUE Fine Art print by Danny Whitfield

Buy a new Mustang automobile at Raceway Ford and get a 2015 Mustang art print absolutely FREE!

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Mike Correra aka “Mike the car guy” is the man you want to see! Go to Raceway Ford and purchase America’s favorite pony car! You’ll also get a genuine Danny Whitfield mustang art print with your purchase. Page one in this year’s holiday gift guide, The 2015 Raceway Ford “Special Edition Mustang! Available for a limited time only. Danny Whitfield already has a print for the lucky owner of this Special Edition Mustang! Many folks will be buying Pony’s for the holidays but only ONE will take home this special ride! And while your at it see Raceway’s Special “Edition Mustang” GT on sale now!1012933_987009477981448_8429679393928994877_n





Yet another reason to buy your new Mustang at Raceway Ford in Riverside, California

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Famous horses have been featured in works of art for since the dawn of time, in the days of old a prize stallion would be immortalized in oil and the canvas hung proudly above its owners mantle for all to admire. Today your prize pony can also be immortalized and hung for admiration with an original print from the ‘Automotive Michelangelo’ himself, Mr Danny Whitfield. For a limited time with the purchase of a new Ford Mustang from Raceway Ford in Riverside, CA, you will receive a framed print signed by the artist of your new car purchased for you by our own Mustang Man Mike theCarGuy. Imagine having your co-workers admiration of your new Mustang when they see it hanging on your office wall or your friends and family being able to see your prized stallion as it hangs prominently on a wall in your home!  The remaining 2014 Mustangs are moving briskly so time is critical, if you have your sights on a new Pony the time is now, and when you buy your new car you will get one to hang on the wall too!

1966945_757360894337980_6899862801121838655_n         RACEWAY FORD MUSTANG AD POSTER SAMPLE


About the Artist:

From the DannyWhitfield.com website…
“Danny Whitfield was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, “Auto Capital of the World, He brought his vision of art and cars to the fore front and has been the key artist in making automotive art a respected form in the industry. Whitfield has a magical ability to bring out the beauty of an automobile and expression vividly onto canvas. He has the ability to paint and draw and does many forms of art from scenic, architectural, to portrait images. However his affinity and love for automobile is his first love. Ever since he was five years old he’s been drawing cars. This is his passion! After attending Center of Creative College in Detroit and Macomb County College in Warren Michigan, He began his career working for the Ford Motor Company, and many other Auto motive design firms as an Artist, Stylist, Designer and Illustrator. Whitfield gained much experience and enjoyed his time greatly working in the industry, yet something inside was driving him in a different direction. Whitfield enjoyed most creating his own fine art pieces. During a time when automotive art was more popular at car shows Whitfield began presenting pieces in this forum to enthusiasts at these venues. This was not an easy task as most were somewhat selective on who they accept into their close nit groups. Plus the fact many local  galleries didn’t seem to accept cars as art nor were not happy to see Whitfield achieve success. Many enthusiasts wanted to see his work but were denied that privilege based on the “Good old boy” networks. This had little effect on him as he was determined to share his love for automobile art with the world. With every obstacle placed before him he overcame them all and continued his journey.

2015 MUSTANG GT PREMIUM FASTBACK ART BY DANNY WHITFIELD              1969 2012 Mustang Boss 302
As time moved on Whitfield established his business officially and with the age of technology he has now been able to move from art in the galleries into a much broader audience. With the birth of the Internet and social networks such as Facebook- Twitter and so on, Whitfield exploded onto the scene. No longer held down by the restrictive galleries and other businesses he moved on to create “The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield” With the help of the networks and a wide spread audience Whitfield has become a cult phenomenon in the auto world. He art has gone worldwide and is known throughout the world. Whitfield offers something to the auto enthusiast that makes a deep inner connection to the soul. When you take the owner’s automobile who spent many hours on modifying, customizing, they have created a very special masterpiece. Whitfield takes that masterpiece and captures it in still life. Every auto collector is highly satisfied with the outcome. Like a memory of a newborn baby in still photos so does Whitfield captures the car with his art.”  You can see all his work at DannyWhitifeld.com


I hope you Mustang guy’s and gals are proud of me.

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I had an opportunity to do a skype interview for the TV program Lets ask America! I was interviewed by host Tiffanie Nguyen about my Mustang art and the all new 2015 Mustang Automobile. The interview was at Raceway Ford in Riverside California with my friend and fellow car guy Mike Correa – aka “Mike the car guy!” We had a blast. Remember how I mention you can get a free Mustang art print with your purchase of an actual mustang automobile? Well that’s what got the party started! We wanted all the Mustang fans on Facebook to know your a part of this too! How? by the past sales of my customers and the excitement of the Ford Mustang past present and future. The actual show will air at a later date and I will show here on Facebook via You Tube. Also just to let you know I will have the 2015 Mustang art available in about a month and will make special edition prints commemorating the first 100 cars. Those that want their Vehicle Identification Number on the prints just let me know.

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Ford dealership sales managers – How would you like to spice up sales of the famous Ford Mustang,

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 Here’s the plan, In addition to your customer purchasing a brand new Ford Mustang – They can receive a high quality art print of the car signed by Automotive Artist Danny Whitfield! He will personally signed it, the buyers name or any other insignia of their choice. Danny is fully licensed with the Ford Motor Company image division and is privilege to create art of the magnificent Mustang. The dealership would order the print from Danny’s website and build the price into the sale. Doesn’t matter if it’s a V6, a GT or the mighty Boss 302 they get to drive away with a master piece to proudly display at their home, office, car event, man cave or garage. They get the same body color and wheel options in the print to match their car not a generic Mustang. Plus it’s the work of an artist not a common photo.

Click here to see his complete inventory!  10572132_943706768978386_6380065185828346739_o

And  take a look at what Raceway Ford in California is doing with “The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield” Click this link to see for yourself!

A special gift of art will forever remind them of a joyful car buying experience at your dealership! They can also choose any year Mustang from 1965 through 2015 as the artist inventory’s covers all years. The customer is privileged to get Mustang year of their choice. It’s hard enough to resists looking at a new car in the garage but seeing it hanging in the office is the ultimate show stopper.

So how do I go about getting the media kit for my dealership? You simply order the kit from Danny Whitfield. Call 520-297-9104 or email to : info@dannywhitifeld.com  The kit is $75.00 and will come with one 16 x 20 size poster similar to the one shown in this post, one 8×10 size – one-5×7 size – and 4 wallet sizes to display throughout your dealership. If you want your dealerships logo and name exclude in the poster – just send a high resolution Jepg or Gif image and it’s as good as done. What your customer gets in return is a high quality 16 x 20 art print with the extra’s sizes completely free. One 8×10 size – one-5×7 size – and 4 wallet size. All free with the purchase of the Mustang Automobile. You just can’t beat that for value!

We all know car shows are part of the excitement when owning Mustang automobile. They get bigger and bigger every year. When your customer sees his baby caught in still life he gets that over whelming joy of show off his cars natural beauty. All of his friends would see his “prized stallion” and your dealership becomes the “go to” place for Mustang sales! Get the jump on your competition with a bonus gift that makes you stand out!

The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield Website

Phone: 520-297-9104  Email: info@dannywhitifeld.com

2015 Mustang Styling

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As I see all the excitement over the all new 2015 Mustang, I’m just as excited as everyone.
YES I DO LIKE IT! I really do, however I would like to give my brief summary of the styling points which are the most crucial to the car’s survival. First I see where the artist and stylist were headed with overall look. The hood was not slope in the aerodynamic manner of cars today. It would be hard to keep the super muscle car look when you drop the nose to a point like what you see today. Chevy kinda blew the styling on the 1993 Camaro with that line of thinking and returned to a more grille face look later in the years. This is why trucks still keep that massive upright Mack/Peterbilt look. It’s the sign of masculine muscle and power.

The stylist also gave it the corporate “mad dog” grille face you see on the Ford Fusion. This is Ford’s new identity that reminds us its a FORD. Somewhat indifferent about it I would prefer to see it shape differently but its not bad. I also see they went to that all too familiar “cat eyes” look you see everywhere. Not everyone would agree with me but I personally would like to see hidden headlamps make a return, there’s just too much of a “mad cat look” on just about every car on the road. My only other disappointment is with the strange shape of the roof. Just a little too much of a round bubble from the A-pillars then it drops off to meet the deck lid too early. I like a more fastback look where it starts from the A-pillars and meet the decklid about six inches from the tail. The side sculpture in my opinion is as good as it gets considering the “me too” look of sporty cars of the day.

Overall its still a Mustang and thank God Ford is still building it! They have a tremendous following all over the world and they’ll sell as many as they can produce. Some of you I know for a fact HATE IT! My advice is to just give it time, It’ll grow on ya. Soon you all say to yourself I gotta have one, maybe in “gotta have it green” since that color is so popular now. Yes for sure I will start producing prints of the 2015 hopefully before January. I will also do my usual “special editions” so you can see it in various souped up versions and slick body kits. So lets hear it for Ford! The original pony car that took a beating but kept right on ticking. THE LEGEND LIVES!!!



By Danny Whitfield