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J.d. Etheridge 1958 ford from 1962, Art work by Danny Whitfield

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He did this from old photos, I was 17 years old and a senior at Goldsboro High School. I highly recommend his artwork


American Mustang Heritage, All new 2015 Mustang Heritage GT art print from Danny

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Buy a new Mustang automobile at Raceway Ford and get a 2015 Mustang art print absolutely FREE!

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Mike Correra aka “Mike the car guy” is the man you want to see! Go to Raceway Ford and purchase America’s favorite pony car! You’ll also get a genuine Danny Whitfield mustang art print with your purchase. Page one in this year’s holiday gift guide, The 2015 Raceway Ford “Special Edition Mustang! Available for a limited time only. Danny Whitfield already has a print for the lucky owner of this Special Edition Mustang! Many folks will be buying Pony’s for the holidays but only ONE will take home this special ride! And while your at it see Raceway’s Special “Edition Mustang” GT on sale now!1012933_987009477981448_8429679393928994877_n





Miguels special ordered new Race Red Mustang arrive in time for the holidays!

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Raceway Ford had his Danny Whitfield print of his new car ready for him! Congrats and Merry Christmas Miguel, we know You’ll love that Mustang! Imagine having your co-workers admiration of your new Mustang when they see it hanging on your office wall. Watch the envy of your friends and family when they see your prized stallion hanging prominently on a wall in your home!
See a complete selection of Danny Whitfield Mustang art here!


Its said a picture is worth a thousand words.

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You see the smile on Antonio’s face, that smile is worth a million dollars! Why? Because Raceway Ford made him a happy customer. Famous horses have been featured in works of art for since the dawn of time, in the days of old a prize stallion would be immortalized in oil and the canvas hung proudly above its owners mantle for all to admire. Today your prize pony can also be immortalized and hung for admiration with an original print from the
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New Mustang owner completely stoked about hanging their new Pony on the wall for all to enjoy!

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The amazing prints Danny Whitfield creates are an absolutely over the top. A way to say Thank You to our new Mustang customers as it will be an awesome conversation pieces for many, many years Their smiles show how thrilled Mr and Mrs Cruz are with the original Danny Whitfield print of
their new Mustang provided to them by Raceway Ford! For more info click here!


New Pony owner Brad stopped by to pick up the original Danny Whitfield print

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Brad’s special ordered 50th anniversary edition Mustang, and he is super stoked! Get out to Raceway Ford and purchase you new Mustang. Remember you get a Danny Whitfield art print your car absolutely free. Also in addition to getting a Danny Whitfield Art print he has the opportunity to join the official Green Mustang Registry group